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Construction LaVérendrye invests in the Chelsea community

At Construction LaVérendrye, we believe in doing things right. For every new project, we aim to offer superior quality at an affordable price. But we also want residents to see us as people who care about the community.

We recently announced our participation in developing Chelsea Creek, a new project located in the municipality with the same name. It will include 164 semi-detached units offered in five Scandinavian-inspired models. Since Construction LaVérendrye actively involves itself wherever we build, we are happy to sponsor the Chelsea Foundation, the organization that manages the Meredith Centre.

We believe it’s important to invest in groups that make municipalities better places to live. The Meredith Centre is a driving force behind activities for people of all ages, including families, athletes and artists.

In our view, construction firms should get to know the neighbourhoods where they build, meet the people and understand what matters most to them. By giving to the Chelsea Foundation, we have a privileged opportunity to connect with Chelsea residents and to support events organized by the Meredith Centre.

Through this relationship, we will ensure that our construction projects meet the needs of local residents. By using materials like wood and stone and by opting for streamlined designs, our development will blend perfectly with its natural surroundings in Gatineau Park.

For more information about our latest project, go to: Chelsea Creek

Thank you for welcoming us to Chelsea!