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Buckingham an interesting history

Construction Lavérendrye invites you to discover the Buckingham sector on the banks of the Du Lièvre River in the City of Gatineau.

The location is full of history and is making great progress in its economic development. It takes about 42 minutes to travel the 40.4km between Buckingham and Ottawa, and 1h46 to get to Montréal (170 km). This sector is well suited for a home construction project in Buckingham!

The old city, founded in 1799, was named after the city of Buckingham in the county of Buckinghamshire in the United Kingdom. Under British rule, it was often the case that the citizens sought to recreate a “Little England” on Quebec soil. Following a municipal amalgamation in 2002, Buckingham is now considered as one of the five sectors in Gatineau.

This sector’s architectural heritage includes many historic sites and buildings whose styles add a touch of elegance and complements the area’s history. For example, the wharf on the river where the steam river boats came and went, the Saint-Grégoire de Nazianze church (1887), le Collège Saint-Michel (1896), l’Hôtel Alexandra (1931), and the McCallum-Lahaie building.

The colonization process, which began in Buckingham at the end of the 18th century with lumberjacks, miners and log drivers, reached its peak over the last few years, attracting many young families as well as a good number of immigrants. In the last census (2011) there were 23,589 residents in Buckingham, a sign that the real estate market in Buckingham is in full bloom.

On both sides of the river

The Du Lièvre River, upon which a damn was built, divides Buckingham into two. On one side, you will find the majority of the city’s services, including the main street, the D. Buckingham hospital and a CLSC, four primary schools as well as the Hormisdas-Gamelin secondary school (http://eshg.cscv.qc.ca/), etc. The other side of the river is essentially residential neighbourhoods. It’s in this part of the sector where Construction Lavérendrye offers you many attractive new building construction projects in Buckingham.

A wide variety of services and activities

There’s no lack of services and activities in Buckingham!

The sector is well served by the Société de transport de l’Outaouais.

Residents enjoy getting their supplies at several grocery stores and specialty grocery stores, including the Metro Plus Buckingham, Maxi & Cie, and Deguire Rheault et Fils. At Fine et Fûtés, you will find exquisite products, ranging from olives to creton, as well as chorizo. But the sausages and the smoked meat have the edge!

As for restaurants, residents enjoy a good variety of food options in the area. They can savour the pizza at Buckingham Pizza or at Pizza La Différence. They can also opt for one of the many bistros in the region, such as the Belga Bistro Bar, le Bistro Lala, and the Resto Bar Le BUCKingham.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the Café Cosy & Filles and Le Café des Artistes de la Lièvre.

There’s the Bouddha Jaune for a more exotic experience, known as the best restaurant in Gatineau, the food there is quite simply delicious! If you want a tender, juicy steak, and Mexican-style fajitas full of flavour, you will find these at BJ Restaurant.

The sector is a little spoiled, as it has a high number of business providing fitness, cultural and leisure activities

Check out the calendar on Buckingham’s website to stay abreast of everything that’s going on.

To stay in shape or to simply relax, Buckingham has many gyms and fitness clubs.

There are many centres for nautical sports, including the Centre nautique de la Lièvre and the Centre Aquatique Lucien-Houle.

Fitness enthusiasts have their choice of a variety of facilities, such as the Gym Max Buckingham, Buckingham CrossFit, the BG boxing club, l’École d’Arts Martiaux Kickboxing, or even the Buckingham Golf Club.

As for leisure activities, the Carrefour Culturel Estacade and the Salle De Quilles King Pin are great places to meet, have fun and relax.

The ideal location for new construction

This sector is truly the ideal place for a new home construction. Construction Lavérendrye is at your service to help you design and build your dream home!