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Construction LaVérendrye’s referral program is especially designed for real estate agents like you. It enables your clients to benefit from a team of new home construction experts while ensuring that you receive fair and equitable financial consideration for services rendered. It’s our way of saying THANK YOU!

The program is simple – just meet the following conditions:


  • During the first visit, the agent must personally accompany the potential buyer to one of Construction LaVérendrye’s sales offices.
  • The agent’s role is strictly limited to introducing the potential buyer to one of our housing advisors. They will assume responsibility for showing and selling Construction LaVérendrye’s residential offerings to the potential buyer. After this initial introduction, the agent is not permitted to accompany the potential buyer on visits and/or during subsequent discussions.
  • No commission will be due or payable to the agent if the potential buyer and Construction LaVérendrye have not signed:
    • The preliminary contract within fifteen (15) days from the date that the sales agent registered the potential buyer at the sales office;
    • The bill of sale before a notary.
  • The commission will be 2% of the net sale price less the GST and TVQ, any discounts, options, price reductions or promotions. The commission will be paid to the agent within fifteen (15) days following the signing before the notary and receipt of the invoice.
  • The commission payable under this agreement is due and payable only if all the conditions mentioned in points 1) to 3) are met.
  • Any deposit payable by the potential buyer to Construction LaVérendrye is payable and held by it.

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