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Masson-Angers Sector – Where Industry Meets Nature

Are you thinking about building in Masson-Angers? Located at the confluence of the Du Lièvre and Ottawa Rivers, Masson-Angers is very diverse and has a vast territory characterized by an abundance of wetlands that play a very important ecological role. This sector is located only 36 minutes from Ottawa (36.8 km) and a 1h48 drive from Montreal (175 km).

Laurette Routhier
(112 rue Laurette-Routhier, Gatineau)


A river used for millennia

The Algonquins used the Du Lièvre River for thousands of years to hunt, trap and fish. This territory’s enormous potential contributed to Masson-Angers’ development. This location has experienced spectacular growth because of the forestry industry, and the presence of paper mills, sawmills and two hydroelectric stations (Énergie Brookfield, Corporation Brascan – Énergie de La Lièvre).

A valuable heritage

The former city was founded in 1861. Did you know that is has one of Gatineau’s best-kept heritage secrets? In fact, its old presbytery (Paroisse L’Ange-Gardien), located on rue du Progrès and built in 1888, is adorned with a beautiful veranda and equipped with a mansard roof. This building is one of the most beautiful examples of religious architecture in the city. Since the 2002 amalgamation with Gatineau, the Masson-Angers sector has about 10,000 residents.

The Marais-Trépanier nature sanctuary is a wildlife paradise

As a magnificent habitat for many species of wildlife, the Marais-Trépanier nature sanctuary covers 247 hectares. Ducks Unlimited Canada has magnificently restored this territory composed of wetlands, by developing lavish ponds and marshes with spectacular floral beauty. Rare species of water foul, reptiles and amphibians can be found there.

This remarkable wildlife paradise is the ideal setting near which to build a home in Masson Angers!

Services at your fingertips

To help you better locate your new construction project in Masson Angers, here is an overview of the services available in the area.

Public transportation is provided by la Société de transport de l’Outaouais.

For healthcare, the closest hospital is the D. Buckingham – which is 8 minutes away (5.7 km).

Children can attend one of four primary schools : Sacré-Coeur, Du Ruisseau, Aux Quatre-Vents, et Saint-Jean de Brébeuf. Centre la Cité has a very diverse course calendar of stimulating activities for adults and youth.

In terms of grocery stores, IGA has two locations, Marché Masson Angers Inc. and the Cotret Brazeau. The Trappe à fromage specializes in a wide variety of fresh Quebec cheeses and high-quality imported cheeses. It is open 7 days a week.

The area also has many restaurants, including the Rôtisserie St-Hubert franchise, la Pizza La Différence, the Deli-Bar O’Max, the Hook Resto Bar, the Resto Bistro Capponi, the Buffet Gong-Gong and the Bar de l’Encan.

A wealth of activities

Are you thinking about building a new home in Masson Angers? The area is full of perfect places for outdoor and sports activities.

Get a taste of freedom and soar like an eagle with ParaSurvol Outaouais. Enjoy some fishing at the Pourvoirie Masson-Angers. Enjoy the beauty of Parc Gilles-Maisonneuve and go for a spontaneous weekend of adventure at Camping des Rives.

For those looking to keep fit and to move, you have many options: École de danse Rosanne Philippe, Karaté Cama, Ultraforme, Unigym, Complexe Amigo, and Robert Rochon Sports Ctr Arena.

The Construction Lavérendrye team knows this sector like the back of its hand, and has worked on many exciting new construction projects there.

Don’t hesitate to ask us about the real estate market in Masson Angers!