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Le Radisson

1545 pi2

A duplex with a garage that will meet all your needs!

At 1545 sq. ft., the Radisson duplex was designed to offer a lot! Its large private balcony in the front leads inside to a spacious vestibule with a very large walk-in closet. The first floor has a bathroom and a modern kitchen with an extra-wide window, a stylish range hood and a central island.

The 2nd floor has three bedrooms and the ability to add a 4th. The bathroom has a linen closet, a freestanding bathtub with removable showerhead and a corner shower. A 2nd bathroom can also be added to the floor plan. The master bedroom has a large 8-foot window and a walk-in closet for optimal storage.

Main features of the semi-detached Radisson with garage

  • Lots of storage space!
  • The ability to have 3 or 4 bedrooms
  • A modern-style kitchen
  • A double pane, 8-foot patio door
  • The front lawn is finished and has a tree
  • The garage can be either central or built on the end
  • The GRC new home warranty

Floor plans

Ground floor (Outside)
Floor (Outside)
Ground floor (Interior)
Floor (Interior)

This model is available in the following projects: